DICOM PS3.22 2024c - Real-Time Communication

9 Conformance

An implementation claiming conformance to PS3.22 shall function in accordance with all its mandatory sections.

DICOM-RTV Services are used to transmit in real-time Composite SOP Instances. All Composite SOP Instances transmitted shall conform to the requirements specified in other Parts of the Standard.

An implementation may conform to the DICOM-RTV Services by supporting the role of origin device or receiving device, or both, for any of the Services defined in PS3.22.

The structure of Conformance Statements is specified in PS3.2.

An implementation shall describe in its Conformance Statement the Real-World Activity associated with its use of DICOM-RTV Services, including any proxy functionality between a DICOM-RTV and another service provided through DIMSE Service or RESTful (i.e.; storage of received video and audio with associated metadata).

In addition, the Conformance Statement document for a DICOM-RTV sending device shall specify how the receivers can get the content of the SDP objects describing the metadata and associated video and/or audio flows.

DICOM PS3.22 2024c - Real-Time Communication