DICOM PS3.22 2024c - Real-Time Communication

3 Definitions

For the purposes of this Standard the following definitions apply.

3.1 Reference Architecture Definitions:

This Part of the Standard makes use of the following terms defined in [EBU-SMPTE-VSF JT-NM Phase 2 Report]:


Video, audio or data type of source.


A sequence of Grains from a Source; a concrete representation of content emanating from the Source.


Represents an element of Essence or other data associated with a specific time, such as a frame, or a group of consecutive audio samples, or captions.


A collection of time-synchronized Flows intended for simultaneous presentation, providing a complete experience of a Source Group.


An abstract concept that represents the primary origin of a Flow or set of Flows.

3.2 DICOM Real-Time Video Definitions:

DICOM Real-Time Video

DICOM-RTV encompasses the DICOM-RTV Service, transport of related multimedia bulk data and the Real-Time IODs to which it may be applied.


Real-Time transport of metadata which characterize multimedia bulk data.

DICOM PS3.22 2024c - Real-Time Communication