DICOM PS3.20 2024b - Imaging Reports using HL7 Clinical Document Architecture Mapping From DICOM SOP Instances and HL7v2 Messages

Elements whose value may be mapped from a DICOM SOP Instance or from an HL7v2 message have the source attribute name and tag identified in the Value column in italic font. Note that many of these values have their origin in IT systems outside the imaging department, and there may be alternate routes for these values to be accessed by the reporting application, e.g., from an HL7 FHIR web service.


Due to differences in use of HL7v2 data elements, mappings should not be considered normative.

Data mapped from a specific Attribute in the interpreted DICOM image(s) is identified by the Attribute Name and Tag, represented in the mapping as:

Data mapped from Attributes within sequences is identified with the > character:

Data mapped from an HL7v2 field in the order for the study is identified by the Element Name and Segment Field identifier:

The mapping of the value typically requires a transformation from the DICOM Value Representation or the HL7v2 Data Type representation to the CDA Data Type encoding. For example, transforming a DICOM Code Sequence attribute or an HL7v2 CWE field to a CD or CE Data Type requires a look up of the Coding Scheme OID.

DICOM PS3.20 2024b - Imaging Reports using HL7 Clinical Document Architecture