DICOM PS3.20 2024b - Imaging Reports using HL7 Clinical Document Architecture

3 Definitions

For the purposes of this Standard the following definitions apply.

3.1 Codes and Controlled Terminology Definitions:

The following definitions are commonly used in this Part of the DICOM Standard:

Context Group

A set of coded concepts defined by a Mapping Resource forming a set appropriate to use in a particular context.

Context ID (CID)

Identifier of a Context Group.


A pattern that describes the Content Items, Value Types, Relationship Types and Value Sets that may be used in part of a Structured Report content tree, or in other Content Item constructs, such as Acquisition Context or Protocol Context. Analogous to a Module of an Information Object Definition.

Template ID (TID)

Identifier of a Template.

Coding Schemes

Dictionaries (lexicons) of concepts (terms) with assigned codes and well defined meanings.

3.2 Vocabulary Model Definitions:

The following terms used in this Part of the DICOM Standard are defined in HL7 Core Principles and Properties of Version 3 Models:

Concept Domain

A named category of like concepts (a semantic type) that is specified in the vocabulary declaration of an attribute in an information model. It constrains the intent of the coded element while deferring the binding of the element to a specific set of codes until later in the specification process.

Value Set

A uniquely identifiable set of valid concept identifiers. Value sets constrain the permissible content for a coded element in an information model or data type specification.

Vocabulary Binding

The mechanism of identifying specific codes to be used to express the semantics of coded model elements in information models or coded data type properties. Vocabulary Binding may bind the coded element or data type property to a single fixed value code, or may bind it to a Value Set Assertion.

3.3 Template Definitions

The following term used in this Part of the DICOM Standard is defined in the HL7 Templates Standard, and applies to CDA template specifications:


A set of conformance statements which further constrain an existing information model.

3.4 Imaging Report Definitions

The following definitions apply to terms used in this Part of the Standard:

Business Name

Identifier for a CDA Data Element, Attribute, or structure of Data Elements that corresponds to a business requirement for information exchange.

DICOM PS3.20 2024b - Imaging Reports using HL7 Clinical Document Architecture