DICOM PS3.19 2024b - Application Hosting

8.3.5 queryInfoset(models : ArrayOfUUID, xpaths : ArrayOfString) : ArrayOfQueryResultInfoset

The recipient of data invokes this method to request that the source of the data return the subset of data referred to in each of the XPath query strings passed in the xpath parameter from each of the models identified by the UUIDs passed in the model array. Each of the XPath query strings is applied to each of the models referred to in the model array.

The UUIDs passed in the model array shall be chosen from those returned by one or more getAsModels() method calls.

The results of the query are returned by the method as XML Infosets, encoded in XML, returned as a byte array encoded in the form negotiated during the getAsModel() call. Each result from a particular model UUID is returned as a QueryResultInfoset element in the returned array for each xpath string. In other words, the number of QueryResultInfoset structures returned is the number of UUIDs in the model array times the number of XPath queries strings in the xpath array.


This method is principally used when the infoset type is not string based, for example a "application/fastinfoset". If called on a model using the "text/xml" infoset type, a conversion from a byte array to a string would be needed.

This method shall only be called if the Hosted Application is at the INPROGRESS or COMPLETED states. A Hosting System may also call this method when the Hosted Application is in the SUSPENDED state.

DICOM PS3.19 2024b - Application Hosting