DICOM PS3.19 2024b - Application Hosting

8.3.3 getAsModels(objectUUIDs : ArrayOfUUID, classUID : UID, supportedInfosetTypes : ArrayOfMimeType) : ModelSetDescriptor

The recipient of data invokes this method to ask that the source of the data provide the data referenced by objectUUIDs array as models of the type referenced by classUID. The objectUUIDs are drawn from the ObjectDescriptors passed to the recipient of the data in one or more notifyDataAvailable() calls.

The recipient of the data shall list in supportedInfosetTypes in order of preference the MIME types that the recipient can process as Infosets. Recipients of data shall support the "text/xml" MIME type, which shall always be included in the supportedInfosetTypes array. The provider of data shall select the first entry in that array that it supports.

The ModelSetDescriptor returned by this method contains the UUIDs of the models provided by the source, as well as the UUIDs of data objects referred to by the objectUUIDs array that could not be represented in the requested model.

The recipient may call getAsModels() multiple times for data referenced by a given UUID. Each successful call returns a different model UUID.

When the recipient is finished with a set of models, it may call the releaseModels() method to free up the resources being consumed to provide those models. Any models not explicitly released by the recipient of the data are released implicitly when the Hosted Application enters the IDLE state.

This method shall only be called if the Hosted Application is at the INPROGRESS or COMPLETED states. A Hosting System may also call this method when the Hosted Application is in the SUSPENDED state.

DICOM PS3.19 2024b - Application Hosting