DICOM PS3.18 2024c - Web Services

8.7.5 Acceptable Media Types

The term Acceptable Media Types denotes the media types that are acceptable to the user agent in the response. The Acceptable Media Types are those specified in:

The response to a request without an Accept header field shall be 406 (Not Acceptable). The presence of an Accept Query Parameter does not eliminate the need for an Accept header field. For details see Section

The Acceptable Media Types shall be either DICOM media-types or Rendered media types, but not both. If the Acceptable Media Types contains both DICOM and Rendered Media Types, the origin server shall return 400 (Bad Request).

The user agent may specify the relative degree of preference for media types, whether in the Accept Query Parameter or the Accept header field, using the weight parameter. See [RFC7231] Section 5.3.1.

weight = OWS ";" OWS "q=" qvalue
qvalue = ("0" ["." 0*3DIGIT]) / ("1" ["." 0*3("0") ])

If no "q" parameter is present, the default qvalue is 1.

DICOM PS3.18 2024c - Web Services