DICOM PS3.18 2024b - Web Services

13.4 Request Transaction

This transaction allows a user agent to request an origin server to commit to the safekeeping of a set of Instances.

13.4.1 Request

The request shall have the following syntax:

POST SP /commitment-requests/{transactionUID} SP version CRLF
Accept: 1#media-type CRLF
*(header-field CRLF)
payload Target Resource

The Target Resource of this transaction is an individual commitment request identified by its Transaction UID.

In DIMSE, results may return asynchronously and the SCU uses the Transaction UID attribute returned by the SCP in the result to match it to the corresponding request. In DICOMweb, each request, which contains the Transaction UID in the resource path, is synchronously paired with the response, so the Transaction UID is not encoded in the response. Query Parameters

The request has no Query Parameters. Request Header Fields

The origin server shall support Request Header Fields as required in Table 13.4.1-2.

The user agent shall supply Request Header Fields as required in Table 13.4.1-2.

Table 13.4.1-2. Request Header Fields





User Agent

Origin Server





The Acceptable Media Types of the response payload.

See also Section 8.4. Request Payload

The request payload shall be present and shall contain one representation consistent with the Content-Type header field. The representation shall conform to Media Types described in Section 8.7.3 DICOM Media Type Sets. The payload shall conform to Section 8.6 Payloads.

The request payload shall contain the Referenced SOP Instance UIDs for which the user agent requests the origin server to commit storage.

A request payload shall contain a Storage Commitment Request Module. See Section J.1.

DICOM PS3.18 2024b - Web Services