DICOM PS3.18 2024c - Web Services

12.6 Search Transaction

The Search transaction searches the collection of NPI Instances contained in the Target Resource. The search criteria are specified in the query parameters. Each match includes the default and requested Attributes from the matching Instance. A successful response returns a list describing the matching Instances.

12.6.1 Request

The request shall have the following syntax:

GET SP /{npi-name} {?parameter*} SP version CRLF
Accept: 1#dicom-media-type CRLF
*(header-field CRLF)
CRLF Target Resources

The Target URI shall reference one of the resources shown in Table 12.6.1-1.

An origin server shall specify all supported npi-names in its Conformance Statement and in its response to the Retrieve Capabilities transaction.

Table 12.6.1-1. Search Transaction Resources


URI Template


All Instances


Searches a collection of NPI Instances. Query Parameters

The user agent shall supply, and the origin server shall support, the Common Query Parameters in Section 12.1.2.

The origin server shall support Query Parameters as required in Table 8.3.4-1.

The user agent shall supply in the request Query Parameters as required in Table 8.3.4-1.

For each Resource Category the origin server supports, it shall support the behaviors and matching key Attributes specified in the corresponding sections in Table 12.6.1-2. Request Header Fields

Table 12.6.1-3. Request Header Fields





User Agent

Origin Server





The Acceptable Media Types of the response payload

See also Section 8.4. Request Payload

The request has no payload.

DICOM PS3.18 2024c - Web Services