DICOM PS3.18 2024b - Web Services

11.9.3 Response

The response shall have the following syntax:

version SP status-code SP reason-phrase CRLF
[Content-Type: dicom-media-type CRLF]
[(Content-Length: uint / Transfer-Encoding: encoding) CRLF]
[Content-Location: url CRLF]
*(header-field CRLF)
[search-results / status-report] Status Codes

Table 11.9.3-1 shows some common status codes corresponding to this transaction. See also Section 8.5 for additional status codes.

Table 11.9.3-1. Status Code Meaning





200 (OK)

The search completed successfully, and the matching results are returned in the message body.

204 (No Content)

The search completed successfully, but there were no matching results.

206 (Partial Content)

Only some of the search results were returned, and the rest can be requested through the appropriate request.


400 (Bad Request)

The was a problem with the request. For example, invalid Query Parameter syntax.

413 (Payload Too Large)

The size of the results exceeds the maximum payload size supported by the origin server. The user agent may repeat the request with paging or with a narrower query to reduce the size of the result.

DICOM PS3.18 2024b - Web Services