DICOM PS3.18 2024b - Web Services

11.13 Workitem Event Reports

The origin server uses the Send Event Report Transaction (see Section 8.10.5) to send a Workitem Event Report, containing the details of any state change in the Workitem to the user agent.

The origin server shall send Workitem Event Reports as described in Section CC.2.4.3 in PS3.4 .

The Event Report shall contain all mandatory Attributes described in Table CC.2.4-1 “Report a Change in UPS Status - Event Report Information” in PS3.4 and Table 10.3-2 “N-EVENT-REPORT-RSP Message Fields” in PS3.7 .

The following is an example application/dicom+json Workitem Event Report payload:

"00000002": {"vr": "UI", "Value": ["1.2.840.10008."] },
"00000110": {"vr": "US", "Value": [23] },
"00001000": {"vr": "UI", "Value": ["1.2.840.10008."] },
"00001002": {"vr": "US", "Value": [1] },
"00404041": {"vr": "US", "Value": ["READY"] },
"00741000": {"vr": "LT", "Value": ["SCHEDULED"] }
DICOM PS3.18 2024b - Web Services