DICOM PS3.18 2023e - Web Services

11.12 Suspend Global Subscription Transaction

This transaction is used to stop the origin server from automatically subscribing the User-Agent to new Workitems. This does not delete any existing subscriptions to specific Workitems.

11.12.1 Request

The request shall have the following syntax:

POST SP {/resource} SP version CRLF
*(header-field CRLF)
CRLF Target Resources

The origin server shall support the resources in Table 11.12.1-1.

Table 11.12.1-1. Unsubscribe Transaction Resources


URI Template

Worklist Subscription


Filtered Worklist Subscription

/workitems/1.2.840.10008.{aetitle}/suspend Query Parameters

The request has no Query Parameters. Request Header Fields

The request has no Mandatory header fields. Request Payload

The request has no payload.

DICOM PS3.18 2023e - Web Services