DICOM PS3.18 2023a - Web Services

11.11 Unsubscribe Transaction

This transaction is used to stop the origin server from sending new Event Reports to the user agent and may also stop the origin server from subscribing the user agent to new Workitems.

11.11.1 Request

The request shall have the following syntax:

DELETE SP {/resource} SP version CRLF
*(header-field CRLF)
CRLF Target Resources

The origin server shall support the resources in Table 11.11.1-1.

Table 11.11.1-1. Unsubscribe Transaction Resources


URI Template

Workitem Subscription


Worklist Subscription


Filtered Worklist Subscription

/workitems/1.2.840.10008.{aetitle} Query Parameters

The request has no Query Parameters. Request Header Fields

The request has no Mandatory header fields. Request Payload

The request payload shall be empty.

DICOM PS3.18 2023a - Web Services