DICOM PS3.17 2024b - Explanatory Information

PPPP.3 Use Case: Post Review by Senior

A junior surgeon performs a procedure which apparently goes well. The next day, the patient experiences a complication requiring the surgeon to refer the patient to a senior surgeon.

In order to decide what to do, the senior surgeon:

Moreover, the junior surgeon has to review her/his own work in order to prevent against a new mistake.

Recording multiple video sources

Figure PPPP.3-1. Recording multiple video sources

A good quality recording of video needs to be kept, at least for a certain duration, including all the video information (endoscopy, overhead, monitoring, …) and associated metadata from the surgery (see Figure PPPP.3-1). In this case, the metadata is coming directly from each device.. The recording has to maintain time consistency between the different video channels. Section PPPP.8.1 describes how the video could be captured and stored as a DICOM IOD using the present DICOM Store Service, as shown in Figure PPPP.3-1, however the video could also be stored in another format. Such IODs could be retrieved and displayed using conventional DICOM workstation as shown in Figure PPPP.3-1. They could also be played back using DICOM-RTV as described in section PPPP.8.2.

DICOM PS3.17 2024b - Explanatory Information