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ZZ.5 Implant Template Versions and Derivation

The Generic Implant Module contains several Attributes to express the relations between different versions of implant templates. These Attributes are


Implant Part Number

Number (or alphanumerical code) assigned by the manufacturer of an implant to one particular release of one particular part. Whenever changes on the implant design are made, a new implant part number is assigned.


Effective DateTime

Date and time from which on an Implant Template Instance is valid.


Implant Template Version

Number assigned by the creator of an ORIGINAL Implant Template Instance. When an implant manufacturer issues a new version of an implant template without doing changes on the implant itself, it issues a new instance with the same part number but a different template version.


Replaced Implant Template Sequence

When a manufacturer issues a new version of an Implant Template, the instance contains a reference to it direct predecessor.


Implant Type

When a software vendor, user or other entity creates a "proprietary" version of an Implant Template by adding Attributes, the resulting Instance is labeled DERIVED.


Original Implant Template

When an Instance is DERIVED, it contains a reference to the ORIGINAL instance it was derived from (directly or with several derived versions in between).


Derivation Implant Template Sequence

When an Implant Template Instance is derived from another instance, it contains a reference to the Implant Template Instance it was directly derived from.

Different versions of Implant Templates reflect the changes a manufacturer is doing on the Implant Templates he issues. The Implant Templates that are issued by a manufacturer (or a third party who is acting on behalf of the manufacturer) are always ORIGINAL. Software vendors, PACS integrators, or other stakeholders will add information to such templates for different purposes. The Instances that are generated by this process is called derivation and the resulting instances are labeled DERIVED. Implantation Plans, i.e., electronic documents describing the result of implantation planning, are specified in an instance of the Implantation Plan SR Document. There, the implants that are relevant for one plan are included by reference. When such plans are exchanged between systems or organizations it is likely that the receiving party has access to other versions of templates as the sending party has. In order to maintain readability of exchanged plans, the following is required:

Figure ZZ.5-1 shows an example of the relationships between two versions of a manufacturer's Implant Template and several different Implant Templates derived by software vendors from these versions.

Implant Versions and Derivation.

Figure ZZ.5-1. Implant Versions and Derivation.

DICOM PS3.17 2024c - Explanatory Information