DICOM PS3.17 2024c - Explanatory Information

XXX.3.5.3 Encoding Details

XXX. Volumetric Graphic Annotation Module Recommendations

Table XXX.3.5-1. Volumetric Graphic Annotation Module Recommendations

Attribute Name



Volumetric Annotation Sequence


Set multiple items in this sequence for multiple needle trajectories, one item for each needle trajectory.

>Graphic Data


Set to two (x,y,z) triplets, one for the start and one for the end of the needle trajectory line

>Graphic Type



>Graphics Layer


Set the same layer for all annotations of the same style.

>Annotation Clipping


Set to YES if only the portion of the 3D Annotation within the MPR slice or slab is to be displayed.

Set to NO if the 3D Annotation outside the MPR slice or slab should also be projected into the view.

>Unformatted Text Value


Set "Needle trajectory" as the text to show as a label next to the graphic annotation.

>Referenced Structured Context Sequence


Set to a reference to a Structured Report and a Content Item providing clinical meaning of the annotation.

The display application could make additional text from the referenced Structured Report concept separately available to the user (e.g., on mouse-over).

DICOM PS3.17 2024c - Explanatory Information