DICOM PS3.17 2024a - Explanatory Information

HHH.4.2 Analysis of Use Cases

Examples of use cases / clinical scenarios, used as the basis for the development of the QIDO-RS requirements, include:

  1. Search from EMR

  2. Populating FHIR resources

  3. Worklist in Viewer

  4. Study Import Duplication Check

  5. Multiple System Query

  6. Clinical Reconstruction

  7. Mobile Device Access

HHH.4.2.1 Search From EMR

A General Practitioner (GP) in a clinic would like to check for imaging studies for the current patient. These studies are stored in a PACS, Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) or HIE that supports QIDO functionality. The GP launches an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) application, and keys in the patient demographics to search for the patient record within the EMR. Once the record is open, the EMR, using QIDO, makes requests to the back-end systems, supplying Patient ID (including issuer) and possibly other parameters (date of birth, date range, modality, etc.). That system returns the available studies along with meta-data for each study that will help the GP select the study to open. The meta-data would include, but is not limited to, Study Description, Study Date, Modality, and Referring Physician.

DICOM PS3.17 2024a - Explanatory Information