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GGG.2.4 Third Party Cancel

Cancel requests are always directed to the system managing the UPS instance since it is the SCP. When the UPS is being managed by one system (for example a Treatment Management System) and performed by a second system (for example a Treatment Delivery System), a third party would send the cancel request to the TMS and cancellation would take place as shown below.

Performing SCUs are not required to react to cancel requests, or even to listen for them, and in some situations would be unable to abort the task represented by the UPS even if they were listening. In the diagram below we assume the performing SCU is listening, willing, and able to cancel the task.

If the User had sent the cancel request while the UPS was still in the SCHEDULED state, the SCP (i.e., the TMS) could simply have canceled the UPS internally. Since the UPS state was IN PROGRESS, it was necessary to send the messages as shown. Note that since the TDS has no need for the UPS instance to persist, it subscribed without setting a Deletion Lock, and so it didn't need to bother unsubscribing later.

Diagram of Third Party Cancel

Figure GGG.4-1. Diagram of Third Party Cancel

DICOM PS3.17 2024c - Explanatory Information