DICOM PS3.17 2024a - Explanatory Information

GGG.2.3 Reporting Workflow With "hand-off"

This example shows a reporting workflow with a "hand-off". Reporting Workstations query a RIS for work items to interpret/report. In this example, the RIS is a "Worklist Manager", the Reporting Workstation is both a "Pull Performer" and a "Minimal Scheduler" as shown in Table GGG.1-1 and the PACS and Modality do not implement any UPS SOP Classes. A reporting workstation claims Task X but can't complete it and "puts it back on the worklist" by canceling Task X and creating Task Y as a replacement, recording Task X as the Replaced Procedure Step.

Assume the RIS is picking up where example GGG.2.2 left off and was waiting for the 3D view generation task to be complete before putting the study on the reading worklist. The RIS identifies the necessary input objects in the UPS based on the image references recorded in the acquisition MPPS and the 3D UPS.

Diagram of Reporting Workflow

Figure GGG.3-1. Diagram of Reporting Workflow

You could also imagine the 3D workstation is a Mammo CAD workstation. If the first radiologist completed the report, the RIS could easily schedule Task Y as the over-read by another radiologist.

For further discussion, refer to the Section GGG.2.7 material on Hand-offs, Fail-overs and Putting Tasks Back on the Worklist.

DICOM PS3.17 2024a - Explanatory Information