DICOM PS3.17 2024c - Explanatory Information

GGG.2.2 Typical Pull Workflow

This example shows how a typical pull workflow could be used to manage the work of a 3D Lab. A group of 3D Workstations query a 3D Worklist Manager for work items that they perform and report their progress. In this example, the RIS would be a "Typical Scheduler", the 3D Workstation is a "Pull Performer" as seen in Table GGG.1-1 and the PACS and Modality do not implement any UPS SOP Classes.

We will assume the RIS decides which studies require 3D views and puts them on the worklist once the acquiring modality has reported it's MPPS complete. The RIS identifies the required 3D views and lists the necessary input objects in the UPS based on the image references recorded in the MPPS.

Assume the RIS has subscribed globally for all UPS instances managed by the 3D Worklist Manager.

Diagram of Typical Pull Workflow

Figure GGG.2-1. Diagram of Typical Pull Workflow

DICOM PS3.17 2024c - Explanatory Information