DICOM PS3.17 2024c - Explanatory Information
FFF. Encoding Details

This section provides detailed recommendations of the key Attributes to address this particular scenario.

Table FFF.2.3-4. Enhanced X-Ray Angiographic Image IOD Modules



PS3.3 Reference





Specifies the subtraction parameters.

XA/XRF Multi-frame Presentation


Specifies display settings of the groups of frames.

FFF. Mask Module Recommendations

This module is used to specify the subtraction parameters. The number of Items depends on the number of Subtractions to be encoded. Typically, in case of AVG_SUB, the number of Items is at least the number of ranges of contrast frames to be subtracted from a different mask.

Table FFF.2.3-5. Mask Module Recommendations

Attribute Name



Recommended Viewing Mode


Recommended in this scenario, a value of "SUB" is used in this case.

Mask Subtraction Sequence


Recommended in this scenario. Items can be used to specify:

  • A range of contrast frames is to be subtracted from a generated mask;

  • A different set of pixel-shift pairs is to be applied to a range of contrast frames.

FFF. XA/XRF Multi-frame Presentation Module Recommendations

The frame ranges of this module typically include all the masks and contrast frames defined in the Mask Module, and their presentation settings are consistent with the Mask Module definitions.

The mask frames are typically displayed non-subtracted, i.e., Recommended Viewing Mode (0028,1090) equals NAT.

If there is a frame range without mask association, the value "NAT" is used for Recommended Viewing Mode (0028,1090) in the item of the Frame Display Sequence (0008,9458) of that frame range.

In case where Recommended Viewing Mode (0028,1090) equals "NAT", the display is expected to be un-subtracted even if the Recommended Viewing Mode (0028,1090) of the Mask module equals "SUB".

DICOM PS3.17 2024c - Explanatory Information