DICOM PS3.17 2024a - Explanatory Information

CCCC.2.2 Use Case 2: Store and Process Measurements

The user wishes to perform measurements on the Ultrasound System, store them to the PACS and later perform processing of some or all of the measurements on a CVIS (Cardiovascular Information System) or other system. Processing may include incorporating measurements into a database, performing trend analysis, plotting graphs, driving decision support, etc. One measurement taken at end systole may be compared to the "same" measurement that is taken at end diastole, etc. Measurements at the same Finding Site might be collected together.

CCCC.2.2.1 Configuration

As in Use Case 1, the Ultrasound System is configured to encode each measurement using a specific pre-coordinated code (and code meaning).

Again, measurements from the Core Set use a well-known pre-coordinated code and are recorded in TID 5301 “Pre-coordinated Echo Measurement” while vendor-specific or site-specific measurements use locally managed codes and are recorded in TID 5302 “Post-coordinated Echo Measurement” along with the modifiers describing their semantics.

DICOM PS3.17 2024a - Explanatory Information