DICOM PS3.17 2024c - Explanatory Information

AAAA.3 CT Protocol For Tumor Volumetric Measurements

This section includes a Defined Protocol examples of a CT Protocol for Tumor Volumetric Measurements for a clinical trial. These examples are intended to illustrate the encoding mechanisms of the DICOM CT Protocol Storage IODs, not to suggest particular values for clinical trials. Although the examples in this section were originally inspired by protocol documents previously published by ACRIN, some values here were modified and are likely out of date. Parties interested in the current ACRIN protocols are encouraged to visit https://www.acrin.org/

AAAA.3.1 Common Context

Table AAAA.3-1 is basically the same for each model so it is shown here rather than duplicating it. The second half is then shown below in Table AAAA.3-2.

Table AAAA.3-1. CT Tumor Volumetric Measurement - Context




Clinical Trial Sponsor Name


Deckard Pharmaceuticals

Clinical Trial Protocol ID



Clinical Trial Protocol Name


DP6678 Phase III

Clinical Trial Site ID



Clinical Trial Site Name



Clinical Trial Coordinating Center Name


Tyrell Core Labs

Responsible Group Code Sequence



Equipment Modality



Protocol Name


CT Tumor Volumetric Measurement

Potential Scheduled Protocol Code Sequence


(6678-1, 99DP, "DP6678 Phase III CT Protocol")

Potential Requested Procedure Code Sequence


(72253-8, LN, "CT CAP WO contrast")

Potential Reasons for Procedure


Metastatic non-small cell lung cancer\tumor volumetric measurements

Contraindications Code Sequence


(77386006, SCT, "Patient currently pregnant")

Content Creator's Name


Jane Investigator

Protocol Design Rationale


See DP6678 Phase III Protocol documents: http://ctrialdocs.tyrell.co.ca/DP6678_protocol.aspx.

In particular, see discussion in Section 3 (CT Acquisition Parameters and Image Data Analysis) of the Protocol Document:

The Spacing Between Slices may be increased as long as the overlap between slices is maintained between 0% and 20% overlap.

The Slice Thickness may be increased up to 1.5mm as long as the Spacing Between Slices is correspondingly increased to maintain between 0% and 20% overlap.

Protocol Planning Information


Use of intravenous contrast media, presence of motion artifacts or violation of slice width, slice interval or voxel size constraints will disqualify the CT scan series.

Instance Creation Date



Instance Creation Time



Patient Specification Sequence


Instruction Sequence


>Instruction Index



>Instruction Text


"Scan the chest in full inspiration"

>Instruction Index



>Instruction Text


"Set reconstruction diameter to span from outer rib to outer rib"

Patient Positioning Instruction Sequence


>Instruction Index



>Instruction Text


"Position arms above the head."

Anatomic Region Sequence


(51185008, SCT, "Chest")

Primary Anatomic Structure Sequence


(310787001, SCT, "Lung and Mediastinum")

DICOM PS3.17 2024c - Explanatory Information