DICOM PS3.17 2021e - Explanatory Information

AA.3.2 Dose Reporting For Non-digital Imaging

The Dose Report may also be used for image acquisitions using non-digital Acquisition Modalities. See Figure AA.3-2.

Dose Reporting for Non-Digital Imaging

Figure AA.3-2. Dose Reporting for Non-Digital Imaging

In this use case the user may manually enter the irradiation event exposure information into a Dose Reporting Station, possibly transcribing it from a dosimeter read-out display. The station encodes the data in a Dose Report and sends it to a Storage system. The same Dose Reporting Station may be used to support several acquisition modalities.

This case may be useful in film-only radiography environments, or in mixed film and digital environments, where the DICOM X-Ray Radiation Dose SR Object provides a standard format for recording and storing irradiation events.

Note that in a non-PACS environment, the Dose Reports may be sent to a Long-Term Storage function built into a Radiation Safety workstation or information system.

DICOM PS3.17 2021e - Explanatory Information