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TT Stress Testing Report Template (Informative)

The Stress Testing Report is based on TID 3300 “Stress Testing Report”. The first part of the report contains sections (containers) describing the patient characteristics (height, weight, etc.), medical history, and presentation at the time of the exam.

The next part describes the technical aspects of the exam. It includes zero or more findings containers, each corresponding to a phase of the stress testing procedure. Within each container may be one or more sub-containers, each associated with a single measurement set. A measurement set consists of measurements at a single point in time. There are measurement sets defined for both stress monitoring and for imaging.

The final part of the report includes a summary of significant findings or measurements, and any conclusions or recommendations

The resulting hierarchical structure is depicted in Figure TT-1.

Stress Testing Report Template

Figure TT-1. Stress Testing Report Template

DICOM PS3.17 2024c - Explanatory Information