DICOM PS3.17 2024a - Explanatory Information

CCCC Populating The Simplified Echo Procedure Report Template (Informative)

This Annex provides guidance to understand and populate the TID 5300 “Simplified Echo Procedure Report” and its sub-templates. For implementers familiar with the TID 5200 “Echocardiography Procedure Report”, which is largely replaced by TID 5300, some relationships and differences are also explained.

CCCC.1 Structure Overview

Measurements in this template (except for the Wall Motion Analysis) are collected into one of three containers, each with a specific sub-template and constraints appropriate to the purpose of the container.

  • Pre-coordinated Measurements

    • Are fully standardized measurements (many taken from the ASE practice guidelines).

    • Each has a single pre-coordinated standard code that fully captures the semantics of the measurement.

    • The only modifiers permitted are to indicate coordinates where the measurement was taken, provide a brief display label, and indicate which of a set of repeated measurements is the preferred value. Other modifiers are not permitted.

  • Post-coordinated Measurements

    • Are measurements for which DICOM has not established pre-coordinated codes, but that are performed with enough regularity to merit configuration and capturing the full semantics of the measurement. For example these measurements may include those configured on the Ultrasound System by the vendor or user site. Some of these may be variants of the Pre-coordinated Measurements.

    • A set of mandatory and conditional modifiers with controlled vocabularies capture the essential semantics in a uniform way.

    • A single pre-coordinated code is also provided so that when the same type of measurement is encountered in the future, it is not necessary to parse and evaluate the full constellation of modifer values. Since this measurement has not been fully standardized, the pre-coordinated code may use a private coding scheme (e.g., from the vendor or user site).

  • Adhoc Measurements

    • Are non-standardized measurements that do not merit the effort to track or configure all the details necessary to populate the set of modifiers required for a post-coordinated measurement.

    • The measurement code describes the elementary property measured.

    • Modifiers provide a brief display label and indicate coordinates where the measurement was taken. Other modifiers are not permitted.

DICOM PS3.17 2024a - Explanatory Information