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TID 8140 Heating Conditions

This template encodes a description of the heating conditions applied prior to, during or after data acquisition (e.g., during imaging of research small animals).







Table TID 8140. Heating Conditions

Content Item Descriptions

Row 2

Phase during which the conditions are applicable may be implicit in the context of invocation of this template (e.g., TID 8101 “Preclinical Small Animal Image Acquisition Context” Row 7), or explicitly specified.

Row 3

The definition (from MESH) is "The application of heat to raise the temperature of the environment, ambient or local, or systems for accomplishing this effect".

Row 6

This is the nominal temperature of the heating device (e.g., heating pad) and/or the set point of the feedback regulation device.

DICOM PS3.16 2024b - Content Mapping Resource