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7.2 Special Conventions for Context Group Tables

7.2.1 Include Context Group

The 'Include Context Group' macro is a concise mechanism for including (by-reference) all of the rows of a specified Context Group in the invoking Context Group, effectively substituting the specified Context Group for the row where the macro is invoked. If an 'Include Context Group' is specified, it shall be specified in the Concept Name column of a Context Group Table. Table 7.2.1-1 specifies the syntax of the 'Include Context Group macro. Inclusion may be nested, in that included Context Groups may themselves include other Context Groups. This gives rise to the possibility of circular inclusion and multiple inclusion, in which case the Context Group shall consist of the transitive closure of the set of all coded concepts within the included Context Groups.


For example, it is reasonable to have the following definitions for context groups:

  • Context ID 1, includes Context IDs 2 and 3

  • Context ID 2, includes Context IDs 4 and 5

  • Context ID 3, includes Context IDs 5 and 6

  • Context ID 4 contains a, b, c

  • Context ID 5 contains e, f, g

  • Context ID 6 contains a, h, i

The contents of Context ID 1 will be a, b, c, e, f, g, h, i.

Table 7.2.1-1. Include Context Group Macro

Coding Scheme Designator

Code Value

Code Meaning

Include CID nnn

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