DICOM PS3.16 2024c - Content Mapping Resource

7.2.3 Extension of Context Groups

An Application may extend an Extensible Context Group by adding terms for new concepts. Applications may not substitute other terms of the same concept in the Context Group. Applications may not add a term that means "unspecified" or "missing" or "unknown" similar; if such a concept is intended to be permitted then the Standard will include it in the Context Group already. Such extension may be made without a change in Context Group Identifier, but with the specification of Context Group Extensions (see PS3.3).

Non-extensible Context Groups shall not be modified in an Application.


The set of concepts in either an Extensible or a Non-extensible Context Group may be changed in subsequent editions of the Standard, in accordance with the procedures of the DICOM Standards Committee.

DICOM PS3.16 2024c - Content Mapping Resource