DICOM PS3.11 2024c - Media Storage Application Profiles

H.2 Clinical Context

This Application Profile Class facilitates the interchange of images and related data on DVD media. Typical interchange would be between acquisition devices, archives and workstations.

This Application Profile Class facilitates the creation of a multi-modality medium for image interchange, useful for clinical, patient record, teaching and research applications, within and between institutions.

This profile is intended only for general purpose applications. It is not intended as a replacement for specific Application Profiles that may be defined for a particular clinical context.


The creation of a DVD is considerably more complex than the reading thereof. Therefore the clinical context for this Application profile is likely to be asymmetric, with a sophisticated File Set Creator and relatively simple File Set Readers.

H.2.1 Roles and Service Class Options

This Application Profile Class uses the Media Storage Service Class defined in PS3.4.

The Application Entity shall support one or more of the roles of File Set Creator (FSC) or File Set Reader (FSR), defined in PS3.10. The File Set Updater (FSU) role is not defined.

H.2.1.1 File Set Creator

The role of File Set Creator shall be used by Application Entities that generate a File Set under this Image Interchange Class of Application Profiles.

File Set Creators shall be able to generate the Basic Directory SOP Class in the DICOMDIR file with all the subsidiary Directory Records related to the Image SOP Classes stored in the File Set. The Application Entity acting as a File Set Creator generates a File Set under a STD-GEN-DVD or STD-GEN-SEC-DVD Application Profile.

FSC shall offer the ability to either finalize the physical volume at the completion of the most recent write session (no additional information can be subsequently added to the volume) or to allow multi-session (additional information may be subsequently added to the volume). An FSC may allow packet-writing, if supported by the media and file system specified in the profile.


A multiple volume (i.e., a logical volume that can cross multiple physical media) is not supported by this class of Application profile. If a set of Files, e.g., a Study, cannot be written entirely on one physical volume (side of one piece of media), the FSC will create multiple independent DICOM File Sets such that each File Set can reside on a single physical volume (side of a single piece of media) controlled by its individual DICOMDIR file. The user of the FSC can opt to use written labels on the physical volumes to indicate that there is more than one physical volume for this set of files (e.g., a study).

H.2.1.2 File Set Reader

The role of File Set Reader shall be used by Application Entities that receive a transferred File Set under the Image Interchange Class of Application Profiles. Typical entities using this role would include image generating systems, display workstations, and archive systems that receive a patient record; e.g., transferred from another institution.

File Set Readers shall be able to read the DICOMDIR directory file and all the SOP Instance files defined for this Application Profile, for which a Conformance Statement is made, using all the defined Transfer Syntaxes for the Profile.


All Transfer Syntaxes defined in the profile must be supported by the FSR. It is not permissible to only support one or other of the uncompressed or the compressed Transfer Syntaxes.

H.2.1.3 File Set Updater

The FSU role is not defined for the STD-GEN-DVD and STD-GEN-SEC-DVD profiles.

DICOM PS3.11 2024c - Media Storage Application Profiles