DICOM PS3.11 2024c - Media Storage Application Profiles

B.3.3.2 Icon Images

Directory Records of type IMAGE shall include Icon Images. The icon pixel data shall be Bits Allocated and Bits Stored (0028,0101) attribute values of 8 with Row (0028,0010) and Column (0028,0011) attribute values of 128 and Photometric Interpretation (0028,0004) attribute value of MONOCHROME2.


  1. It is recommended that the Icon Images be encoding using VR OB encoding. The use of OW, allowed by the STD-XABC-CD Basic Cardiac profile defined in Annex A, is deprecated, and may be retired in future editions of the Standard.

  2. This icon size is larger than that recommended in PS3.10 because the 64x64 icon would not be clinically useful for identifying and selecting X-Ray angiographic images.

  3. For multi-frame images, it is recommended that the icon image be derived from the frame identified in the Representative Frame Number attribute (0028,6010), if defined for the image SOP Instance. If the Representative Frame Number is not present, a frame approximately one-third of the way through the multi-frame image should be selected. The process to reduce any image to a 128x128 image is beyond the scope of this Standard.

DICOM PS3.11 2024c - Media Storage Application Profiles