DICOM PS3.11 2024c - Media Storage Application Profiles

8 Structure of Application Profile

Application Profiles specific to various clinical areas are defined in the Annexes to this Part. Each Annex defines an Application Profile Class related to a single area of medical practice, e.g., cardiology, or to a single functional context, e.g., image transfer to a printer system. Several specific Application Profiles may be defined in each Application Profile class, and an identification scheme is established to label each specific Application Profile.

An example of an Application Profile structure is provided in below. The section identifier "X" should be replaced by the identifier of the annex.

X.1 Class and Profile Identification

Section X.1 of the Application Profile defines the class and specific Application Profiles in that class.

This section assigns an identifier to each Application Profile of the form ttt-x...x-y...y, where "ttt" indicates the type of Application Profile, "x...x" is an abbreviation of a significant term for the clinical context and "y...y" is a significant term for a distinguishing feature of the specific Application Profile. The "ttt" type term shall be one of STD, AUG, or PRI, indicating whether the Application Profile is a Standard, Augmented, or Private Application Profile respectively (see PS3.2). Identifiers shall be written such that they may be encoded with LO (Long String) Value Representation (see PS3.5).


Conformance Statements may use the earlier prefix of APL, which is equivalent to STD. This use is deprecated and may be retired in future editions of the Standard.

DICOM PS3.11 2024c - Media Storage Application Profiles