DICOM PS3.10 2024c - Media Storage and File Format for Media Interchange

6.2.4 DICOM Media Storage Application Profiles

A Media Storage Application Profile defines a selection of choices at the various layers of the DICOM Media Storage Model that are applicable to a specific need or context in which the media interchange is intended to be performed. Such choices are formally specified as a Media Storage Application Profile in order to ensure interoperability between implementations conforming to the same Media Storage Application Profile. It facilitates conformance statements that allow users to assess interoperability of different implementations.

Media Storage Application Profiles shall include:

  1. The description of the need addressed by the Application Profile (e.g., cardiac, echography, angiography) and its context of application;

  2. The selection, at the Data Format Layer, of a number of specific IODs and associated SOP Classes. For standard DICOM SOP Classes, this shall be done by reference to PS3.4. These SOP Classes, like any other DICOM SOP Classes are assigned a unique registered UID. For each SOP Class it shall be stated if its support is required or optional within the context of this profile;

  3. The selection of a specific Media Format definition. This is done by reference to PS3.12 that specify the selected Physical Medium, a specific associated Media Format and the mapping of this Media Format (or file system) services onto the DICOM File Service;

  4. The selection of appropriate Transfer Syntaxes;

  5. The selection of a specific Security Profile. This is done by reference to PS3.15 that specifies the cryptographic algorithms to be used to encapsulate the DICOM Files of the DICOM File Set into Secure DICOM Files. If a Media Storage Application Profile selects no Security Profile, then the Application Profile is unsecure and the Secure DICOM File Format shall not be used with that Application Profile;

  6. Other choices facilitating interoperability such as specific limits (e.g., maximum file sizes, if necessary, support of options, if any).

The complete definition and structure of a Media Storage Application Profiles is specified by PS3.11. A number of Standard Application Profiles corresponding to different needs are included in PS3.11.

DICOM PS3.10 2024c - Media Storage and File Format for Media Interchange