DICOM PS3.8 2024b - Network Communication Support for Message Exchange

7.6 P-DATA Service

This Presentation P-DATA Service shall be used by either AE to cause the exchange of application information (i.e., DICOM Messages). DICOM Messages shall be exchanged as defined in PS3.7. An association provides a simultaneous bi-directional exchange of P-DATA request/indication primitives.

Figure 7-5 illustrates the transfer of data on an established association between two AEs.

Data Transfer

Figure 7-5. Data Transfer

7.6.1 P-DATA Parameters

Table 7-7 lists the parameter that shall be required for the P-DATA service.

Table 7-7. P-DATA Service Parameter

P-DATA Parameter Name



presentation data value list



The Presentation Data Value List parameter shall contain one or more Presentation Data Values (PDV). Each PDV shall consist of two parameters: a Presentation Context ID and User Data values. The User Data values are taken from the Abstract Syntax and encoded in the Transfer Syntax identified by the Presentation Context ID. This referenced Presentation Context ID identifies one of the presentation contexts agreed to at association time. The User Data values format used in each PDV by the DICOM Application Entities is specified in Annex E.

DICOM PS3.8 2024b - Network Communication Support for Message Exchange