DICOM PS3.8 2024b - Network Communication Support for Message Exchange

7.3 A-ABORT Service

The ACSE A-ABORT service shall be used by a requestor in either of the AEs to cause the abnormal release of the association. It shall be a non-confirmed service. However, because of the possibility of an A-ABORT service procedure collision, the delivery of the indication primitive is not guaranteed. Should such a collision occur, both AEs are aware that the association has been terminated. The abort shall be performed through A-ABORT request and A-ABORT indication primitives.


An A-ABORT request primitive used on an established association may result in the destruction of data in transit.

Figure 7-3 illustrates aborting an established association between two AE's.

Association User Initiated Abort

Figure 7-3. Association User Initiated Abort

7.3.1 A-ABORT Parameters

Table 7-5 lists the parameters for the A-ABORT service. Only the first parameter shall be used by DICOM Application Entities in this Standard.

Table 7-5. A-ABORT Service Parameters

A-ABORT Parameter Name



abort source


user information


NU(=) Abort Source

This parameter indicates the initiating source of this abort. It shall take one of the following symbolic values:

  1. UL service-user

  2. UL service-provider (ACSE related)

DICOM PS3.8 2024b - Network Communication Support for Message Exchange