DICOM PS3.7 2024c - Message Exchange

D.3 Association Establishment

Association establishment is used to negotiate the type of data to be exchanged and how the data will be encoded. DICOM AEs establish Associations by using the ACSE A-ASSOCIATE Service as defined by Part 8 of the DICOM Standard. Three key parameters conveyed in the A-ASSOCIATE Service are the Application Context, Presentation Context, and the User Information Items. The following section discusses these negotiation parameters.

Note: The A-ASSOCIATE Service is performed only once at Association established time. The examples shown in this Section separate the negotiation parameters for clarification purposes only. Readers should remember that only one A-ASSOCIATE request is offered for each Association and it contains all of the negotiation parameters.

D.3.1 Application Context

An Application Context explicitly defines the set of Application Service Elements, related options and any other information necessary for the inter-working of DICOM AEs on an Association.

The Application Context provides the highest level of negotiation, therefore, a very high level definition. Only one Application Context shall be offered per Association. DICOM specifies a single Application Context Name that defines the DICOM Application Context (applicable for this Standard and potentially later versions).


For complete specification see Annex A.

DICOM PS3.7 2024c - Message Exchange