DICOM PS3.7 2024c - Message Exchange

D.3.3 DICOM Application Association Information

Peer DICOM AEs negotiate, at Association establishment, a number of features related to the DIMSE protocol by using the ACSE User Information Item of the A-ASSOCIATE request. This Section discusses these features.

When the Association is established between peer DIMSE Service Users the Kernel Functional Unit shall be assumed; therefore, the Kernel Functional Unit shall not be included in the A-ASSOCIATE User Information item.

D.3.3.1 Maximum Length Application PDU Notification

The Maximum Length notification allows communicating AEs to limit the size of the data for each P-DATA indication. Each DICOM AE defines the maximum PDU size it can receive on this Association. Therefore, different maximum lengths can be specified for each direction of data flow on an Association. This notification is required. Figure D.3-2 illustrates the Maximum Length notification.


For complete specification see PS3.8.

Maximum Length PDU Negotiation

Figure D.3-2. Maximum Length PDU Negotiation

DICOM PS3.7 2024c - Message Exchange