DICOM PS3.4 2024b - Service Class Specifications
S. Service Class Provider Behavior

Upon receipt of the N-ACTION Initiate Media Creation request, the SCP shall return, via the N-ACTION response primitive, the N-ACTION Response Status Code applicable to the associated request. A success status conveys that the SCP has successfully scheduled the request.


  1. The extent of validation of the contents of the request, the availability of the referenced Composite SOP Instances, support for the requested profiles and other checks that may determine the ultimate success or failure of the request are not specified by the Standard. In particular, a request may be immediately accepted successfully, but subsequently fail for some reason, or the N-ACTION response primitive may contain a status that reflects a more thorough (and prolonged) check.

  2. How long any Composite Instances that have been transferred via the Storage Service Class to the SCP for the purpose of a Media Creation Request persist, is beyond the scope of the Standard. The Preserve Composite Instances After Media Creation (2200,000A) flag is provided as a hint only. Even if this flag is set, a subsequent request referencing some or all of the same instances may fail if the SCP had reason to flush its cache of instances in the interim, and the SCU may need to be prepared to re-send them.

  3. How long the instance of the Media Creation Management SOP Class persists once the Execution Status (2100,0020) has been set to DONE or FAILED is beyond the scope of the Standard.

The N-ACTION implicitly creates or updates the Execution Status (2100,0020), Execution Status Info (2100,0030), Total Number of Pieces of Media Created (2200,000B), Failed SOP Sequence (0008,1198) and Referenced Storage Media Sequence (2200,000D) Attributes, which may subsequently be retrieved by an N-GET.

DICOM PS3.4 2024b - Service Class Specifications