DICOM PS3.4 2024c - Service Class Specifications

GG.4.2 Service Class Provider

A DICOM AE that claims conformance to any of the Non-Patient Object Storage SOP Classes as an SCP shall receive and store a SOP Instance through the use of the DIMSE C-STORE service used in conjunction with the specific SOP Class.

The SCP shall store and provide access to all Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3 Attributes defined in the IOD, as well as any Standard Extended Attributes (including Private Attributes) included in the SOP Instance. The SCP may, but is not required to validate that the Attributes of the SOP Instance meet the requirements of the associated IOD.

The SCP shall not modify the values of any Attributes in the SOP Instance without assigning a new SOP Instance UID, except that the SCP may modify values of, or add, Type 3 and Private Attributes that do not change the semantics or interpretation of the SOP Instance.


E.g., an SCP may add values to Alternate Content Description Sequence (0070,0087), to provide an additional description in another language.

The SCP shall return, via the C-STORE response primitive, the Response Status Code applicable to the associated request. By performing this service successfully, the SCP indicates that the SOP Instance has been successfully stored. Table GG.4-1 defines the specific response Status Code values that might be returned in a C-STORE response. General Status Code values and fields related to Status Code values are defined for C-STORE DIMSE Service in PS3.7.

Table GG.4-1. C-STORE Response Status Values

Service Status

Further Meaning

Status Codes

Related Fields


Refused: Out of resources



Error: Data Set does not match SOP Class




Error: Cannot understand








Status Codes are returned in DIMSE response messages (see PS3.7). The code values stated in column "Status Codes" are returned in Status Command Element (0000,0900).

DICOM PS3.4 2024c - Service Class Specifications