DICOM PS3.4 2024a - Service Class Specifications

V.6.2.2 Substance Approval Query Information Model

V. E/R Model

The Substance Approval Query Information Model is represented by the Entity Relationship diagram shown in Figure V.6-2.

Substance Approval E-R Diagram

Figure V.6-2. Substance Approval E-R Diagram

Figure V.6-2

The Attributes of the Information Entities can be found in the following Modules in PS3.3.

  • Patient Identification Module

  • Patient Demographics Module

  • Visit Identification Module

  • Substance Administration Module

  • Substance Approval Module

  • Product Characteristics Module

Only selected Attributes of these Modules are used in the Substance Approval Query Information Model.

The Information Model is used in a bottom-up manner in the query; i.e., given a Product and a Patient, or alternatively a Product and a Visit, for a proposed Substance Administration act at the current time, find the Approval.

The Visit IE is included in the Information Model to support those institutions that identify patients (e.g., on a bar coded wristband) by Admission ID (i.e., the ID of the Visit), rather than Patient ID. This allows automation of query construction using a scan of the Admission ID. The Admission ID can be mapped to the Patient ID by the SCP for the purpose of the performing the query matching.


  1. The Visit is identified by the Admission ID (0038,0010) Attribute, but in the "Model of the Real World for the Purpose of Modality-IS Interface" (see PS3.3), the Visit is subsidiary to the Patient; hence the Admission ID may only be unique within the context of the patient, not within the context of the institution. The use of the Admission ID Attribute to identify the Visit (and hence the Patient) is only effective if the Admission ID is unique within the context of the institution.

  2. Certain institutions, e.g., ambulatory imaging centers that do not "admit" patients, may use the Imaging Service Request Identifier, or Accession Number, as an equivalent of the Admission ID. The SCU of this Query Service does not need to know the true origin or nature of the identifier, only that it is passed in the Query in the Admission ID (0038,0010) Attribute.

  3. There is conceptually a datetime of administration Attribute of the Substance Administration act, which is implicitly assumed to be approximately the time of the query in this SOP Class.

  4. There is conceptually a dose Attribute of the Product entity, which is the entire product identified by the bar code, and the request is for approval of administration of the entire product.

DICOM PS3.4 2024a - Service Class Specifications