DICOM PS3.4 2024a - Service Class Specifications
V. Substance Approval Query Responses

A Query response may have a status of Success or Failure (see Section V. A Failure Query response carries no semantics about the existence or status of approval of the Substance Administration.

A successful Query response will contain zero or one Pending response items. The case of zero Pending responses carries the semantics of no matching Approval Information Entity found, i.e., that the SCP cannot determine an approval, rather than that the substance administration is approved or disapproved. In this case a decision on substance administration needs to be made by the healthcare provider.


Zero Pending responses may occur due do inability of the SCP to match the patient ID, product ID or route of administration.

In the case of one Pending response, the matching Approval Information Entity will explicitly convey the Substance Administration Approval (0044,0002) value of APPROVED, WARNING, or CONTRA_INDICATED.

DICOM PS3.4 2024a - Service Class Specifications