DICOM PS3.4 2023e - Service Class Specifications

S.3.2.2 Initiate Media Creation

The Initiate Media Creation operation allows an SCU to request an SCP to create Interchange Media according to an already created Media Creation Management SOP Instance. An SCP shall use this operation to schedule the creation of Interchange Media. This operation shall be invoked through the N-ACTION primitive.

S. Action Information

The DICOM AEs that claim conformance to this SOP Class as an SCU and/or an SCP shall support the Action Types and Action Information as specified in Table S.

Table S. Media Creation Request - Action Information

Action Type Name

Action Type ID

Attribute Name


Requirement Type SCU/SCP

Initiate Media Creation


Number of Copies



Request Priority



See Section S.

S. Priority

The Request Priority (2200,0020), if present, may be used by the SCP to prioritize a higher priority request over other pending lower priority requests.

DICOM PS3.4 2023e - Service Class Specifications