DICOM PS3.4 2023e - Service Class Specifications

N.2.4 Blending Transformations

The grayscale to color blending transformation model applies only to a pair of grayscale values, one of which is first mapped to color and then superimposed upon the other. The resulting values are device independent color PCS-Values. This process is illustrated in Figure N.2-3.

For the purpose of this section, pixels are referred to as stored pixel values and transformations are defined as point operations on these values. However, it is likely that pixels from either or both the superimposed and underlying image sets will have been spatially resampled and hence interpolated or replicated. Such operations do not affect the conceptual pipeline.

Grayscale to Color Blending Transformation Model

Figure N.2-3. Grayscale to Color Blending Transformation Model

N.2.4.1 Underlying Image Pixels

The Modality LUT and VOI LUT transformations are applied to the stored pixel values of the underlying image.

The output range of the VOI LUT transformation depends either on the width of the linear window or the range of output values of the LUT defined by the LUT Descriptor. Conceptually, for the purpose of describing the succeeding blending operation, the smallest pixel value from the range is mapped to 0.0 and the largest pixel value is mapped to 1.0 and all intermediate values are linearly mapped to the [0.0..1.0] interval.

DICOM PS3.4 2023e - Service Class Specifications