DICOM PS3.4 2023a - Service Class Specifications

H.4.9.2 DIMSE Service Group

The following DIMSE Services are applicable to the association related Presentation LUT Information Object:

Table H.4.9.2-1. DIMSE Service Group Applicable to Presentation LUT

DICOM Message Service Element






The meaning of the Usage SCU/SCP is described in Section H.2.4.

This section describes the behavior of the DIMSE Services, which are specific for this Information Object. The general behavior of the DIMSE services is specified in PS3.7.


The N-CREATE Service Element is used to create an instance of the Presentation LUT SOP Class.

H. Attributes

The Attribute list of the N-CREATE Service Element is defined as shown in Table H.4-23.

Table H.4-23. N-CREATE Attribute List

Attribute Name



Presentation LUT Sequence



(Required if Presentation LUT Shape (2050,0020) is not present. Not allowed otherwise.)

>LUT Descriptor



(Required if sequence is present).

See Section H.

>LUT Explanation



>LUT Data



(Required if sequence is present)

Presentation LUT Shape



(Required if Presentation LUT Sequence (2050,0010) is not present. Not allowed otherwise.)

SCPs shall support the Enumerated Values IDENTITY and LIN OD

H. LUT Descriptor

The first value (number of entries in the LUT) shall be equal to:

  • 256 if Bits Stored = 8,

  • 4096 if Bits Stored = 12.

The second value shall be equal to 0.

The third value (number of bits for each LUT entry) shall be 10-16.

See the definition in PS3.3 for further explanation.

H. Status

Table H. defines the specific status code values that may be returned in a N-CREATE response. See PS3.7 for additional response status codes

Table H. Status Values for Presentation LUT SOP Class

Service Status

Further Meaning

Status Code


Presentation LUT successfully created



Requested Min Density or Max Density outside of printer's operating range. The printer will use its respective minimum or maximum density value instead.


H. Behavior

The SCU uses the N-CREATE Service Element to request the SCP to create a Presentation LUT SOP Instance. The SCU shall initialize Attributes of the SOP Class as specified in Section H.2.4.

The SCU shall create the Presentation LUT prior to referencing it from the Film Box or the Image Box.

The Presentation LUT persists in the SCP as long as the Association in which it was created is open or an explicit N-DELETE is issued by the SCU.

The SCP shall return the status code of the requested SOP Instance creation. The meaning of success, warning, and failure status codes is defined in Section H.2.5.

The SCP shall use the Grayscale Standard Display Function as specified in PS3.14 Grayscale Standard Display Function to convert the output of the Presentation LUT to density for printing. If the SCU specifies values for Illumination (2010,015E) and/or Reflected Ambient Light (2010,0160), these values shall be used instead of the default or configured values of the SCP. If these values are not supplied, the SCP shall use its default or configured values. (see Section H. for suggested defaults).

DICOM PS3.4 2023a - Service Class Specifications