DICOM PS3.4 2022c - Service Class Specifications

C.6.4.5 C-FIND SCP Behavior

The Repository Query SOP Class adds the following behaviors to both Baseline and Extended Behavior of the SCP as described in Section C.4.1.3.

C. Record Key

The SCP shall return C-FIND Responses according to the ordering of the values of Record Key (0008,041B), if that Attribute is included in the Request Identifier.


  1. If the Record Key (0008,041B) is not requested, there is no requirement on ordering, and the SCU will not be able to issue a subsequent query request with a Prior Record Key (0008,041C).

  2. The structure, content, and ordering method of Record Key (0008,041B) values is SCP implementation-specific, and is opaque to the SCU (see Section C.

DICOM PS3.4 2022c - Service Class Specifications