DICOM PS3.4 2022e - Service Class Specifications

BB.4 DIMSE-C Service Groups

BB.4.1 C-FIND Operation

See the C-FIND Operation definition for the Basic Worklist Management Service Class (K.4.1), and substitute "Implant Template" for "Worklist". The "Worklist" Search Method shall be used.

The SOP Class UID identifies the Implant Template or Implant Assembly Template, respectively Information Model against which the C-FIND is to be performed. The Key Attributes and values allowable for the query are defined in the SOP Class definitions for the Implant Template and Implant Assembly Template Information Model.

BB.4.1.1 Service Class User Behavior

When receiving several Implant Template Instances with the same Implant Part Number, the receiving application shall use Effective DateTime (0068,6226) to determine the appropriate Instance.

BB.4.1.2 Service Class Provider Behavior

An SCP of this SOP Class shall support Storage Level 2 (Full) as defined in Section B.4.1.

DICOM PS3.4 2022e - Service Class Specifications