DICOM PS3.3 2022c - Information Object Definitions

C.8.6 Secondary Capture Modules

C.8.6.1 SC Equipment Module

This Module describes equipment used to convert images into a DICOM format.

Table C.8-24. SC Equipment Module Attributes

Attribute Name



Attribute Description

Conversion Type



Describes the kind of image conversion.

Defined Terms:


Digitized Video


Digital Interface


Digitized Film




Scanned Document


Scanned Image




Synthetic Image




Type of device, process or method that originally acquired the data used to create the Instances in this Series.

This type definition shall override the definition in the General Series Module. See Note 2.

See Section C. for Defined Terms.

Secondary Capture Device ID



User defined identification of the device that converted the image

Secondary Capture Device Manufacturer



Manufacturer of the Secondary Capture Device

Secondary Capture Device Manufacturer's Model Name



Manufacturer's model number of the Secondary Capture Device

Secondary Capture Device Software Versions



Manufacturer's designation of software version of the Secondary Capture Device

Video Image Format Acquired



Original format of the captured video image (e.g., NTSC, PAL, Videomed-H)

Digital Image Format Acquired



Additional information about digital interface used to acquire the image


  1. The Attributes specified in the General Equipment Module (see Table C.7-8) describe the equipment that created the image being captured. The Attributes of the SC Equipment Module define the equipment that captured the image. The following table illustrates typical scenarios for different conversion types:

    Conversion Type (0008,0064)

    General Equipment

    Secondary Capture Equipment

    Digitized Video (DV)

    The equipment generating the video signal.

    The equipment digitizing the video signal.

    Digital Interface (DI)

    The equipment on the sending side of the digital interface.

    The equipment on the receiving side of the digital interface.

    Digitized Film (DF)

    The equipment that created the film.

    The equipment digitizing the film.

    Workstation (WSD)

    Application dependent, but often the equipment that placed the image on the workstation screen, or created the modified image.

    The equipment that captured the image from the screen, or placed the modified image into a DICOM SOP Instance.

    Scanned Document (SD)

    The equipment that created the document.

    The equipment digitizing the document.

    Scanned Image (SI)

    The equipment that created the image that was digitized.

    The equipment digitizing the image.

    Drawing (DRW)

    The equipment that created the drawing.

    The equipment digitizing (or rasterizing) the drawing.

    Synthetic Image (SYN)

    The equipment creating the original images from which the synthetic image was derived.

    The equipment creating the synthetic image.

  2. Modality (0008,0060) specified in the General Series Module (see Table C.7-5a) has been specialized by this Module and is defined as a Type 3 Attribute. The value of Modality (0008,0060) is intended to describe the equipment that originally created or generated the data, not the equipment performing the digitization or capture.

DICOM PS3.3 2022c - Information Object Definitions