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C.8.4.15 NM Reconstruction Module

Table C.8-15 specifies the Attributes of the NM Reconstruction Module, which that describe Nuclear Medicine reconstructed volumes. Reconstructed volumes are created by applying a transformation (reconstruction) process to the acquired Tomo frames. This Module is present only when Image Type (0008,0008) Value 3 is equal to RECON TOMO or RECON GATED TOMO.

Table C.8-15. NM Reconstruction Module Attributes

Attribute Name



Attribute Description

Spacing Between Slices



Spacing between slices, in mm, measured from center-to-center of each slice along the normal to the first image. The sign of the Spacing Between Slices (0018,0088) determines the direction of stacking. The normal is determined by the cross product of the direction cosines of the first row and first column of the first frame, such that a positive spacing indicates slices are stacked behind the first slice and a negative spacing indicates slices are stacked in front of the first slice. See Image Orientation (0020,0037) in the NM Detector Module.

Reconstruction Diameter



Diameter, in mm, of the region from within which the data was used in creating the reconstruction of the image. Data may exist outside this region and portions of the patient may exist outside this region.

The diameter defines a circular region that is entirely contained within the encoded Pixel Data (7FE0,0010), unless the encoded image has been cropped after reconstruction.


If not cropped or padded, for square images with square pixels, both values of Pixel Spacing (0028,0030) will be equal and equal to Reconstruction Diameter (0018,1100) / Rows (0028,0010) and Reconstruction Diameter (0018,1100) / Columns (0028,0011).

Convolution Kernel



A label describing the convolution kernel or algorithm used to reconstruct the data.

Slice Thickness



Nominal slice thickness, in mm.

Slice Location



Relative position of the image plane expressed in mm.

See Section C. for further explanation.

Slice Progression Direction



Describes the anatomical direction that slices are progressing as the slices are considered in order (as defined by Slice Vector (0054,0080)). Meaningful only for cardiac images.

When View Code Sequence (0054,0220) indicates a short axis view, then the Enumerated Values are:

Enumerated Values:



DICOM PS3.3 2024c - Information Object Definitions