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C.8.27 Intravascular Optical Coherence Tomography Modules

C.8.27.1 Intravascular OCT Series Module

Table C.8.27.1-1 specifies the Attributes of the Intravascular OCT Series Module, which identify and describe general information about the Intravascular Optical Coherence Tomography Series.

Table C.8.27.1-1. Intravascular OCT Series Module Attributes

Attribute Name



Attribute Description




Type of device, process or method that originally acquired the data used to create the images in this Series.

Enumerated Values:


See Section C. for further explanation.

Series Number



A number that identifies this Series.

Referenced Performed Procedure Step Sequence



Uniquely identifies the Performed Procedure Step SOP Instance to which the Series is related.

Only a single Item shall be included in this Sequence.

Required if a Performed Procedure Step SOP Class was involved in the creation of this Series.

>Referenced SOP Class UID



Uniquely identifies the referenced SOP Class.

>Referenced SOP Instance UID



Uniquely identifies the referenced SOP Instance.

Presentation Intent Type



Identifies the intent of the images that are contained within this Series.

Enumerated Values:



C. Intravascular OCT Series Module Attribute Descriptions
C. Presentation Intent Type

Presentation Intent Type (0008,0068) identifies the intent for the purposes of display or other presentation of all Images within this Series.


  1. Since this is a Series level Attribute, all Images within a Series have the same value for this Attribute.

  2. The intent of this restriction is to ensure that FOR PRESENTATION and FOR PROCESSING images are placed in separate Series, so that no confusion can arise as to which images are suitable for diagnostic reading as determined by local policy.

A Series of Images intended for viewing by an observer shall have an Enumerated Value of FOR PRESENTATION. The value shall not be set to FOR PRESENTATION unless Z Offset correction, refractive index correction and polar to rectangular conversion have been applied

Images or individual frames of a FOR PRESENTATION image shall reference their associated source FOR PROCESSING frames, if any exist, using the Derivation Image Macro, with the Derivation Code (113093, DCM, "Polar to Rectangular Scan Conversion") and the Purpose of Reference Code (121358, DCM, "For Processing Image").


  1. FOR PRESENTATION images are still be of Image Type (0008,0008) and Frame Type (0008,9007) ORIGINAL rather than DERIVED despite having undergone processing, such as corrections for Z Offset, Refractive index and Polar to Rectangular conversion. In this case a DERIVED image would have undergone yet further processing to make it substantially different from the original. See Figure C.8.27-1. The Derivation Image Macro may be used even if Image Type (0008,0008) and Frame Type (0008,9007) is ORIGINAL.

  2. FOR PRESENTATION images may still be subjected to processing or further processing, if appropriate, depending on the application.

  3. FOR PRESENTATION images are intended for display on a device, without (further) processing, since that device may not be capable of image processing. The quality of the displayed image or its suitability for any purpose is beyond the scope of the DICOM Standard.

  4. If all of the frames of a FOR PRESENTATION image are created by processing all of the frames of a FOR PROCESSING image, then a reference to the FOR PROCESSING SOP Instance only, without reference to specific frame numbers, in the Shared Functional Groups Sequence avoids the need for a frame-by-frame reference in each Per-Frame Functional Group, though there is no requirement that the order of the frames or the number of frames in the FOR PROCESSING and FOR PRESENTATION SOP Instances correspond.

FOR PROCESSING images may have Z Offset correction applied to the A-line data and/or Refractive Index applied to A-line Pixel Spacing (0052,0014). However, due to irreversible loss of information, images that have had Polar to Rectangular scan conversion applied shall not be stored as FOR PROCESSING images.

Explanation of Presentation Intent Type

Figure C.8.27-1. Explanation of Presentation Intent Type

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