DICOM PS3.3 2024c - Information Object Definitions
C. Data Subsets

Applications may find it useful to break up an OPT image or B-scan volume into multiple data subsets. There are two mechanisms in DICOM to achieve this: Concatenations and Multiple SOP Instances.

Concatenations are not permitted in the Ophthalmic Tomography Image and Ophthalmic Optical Coherence Tomography B-scan Volume Analysis IODs.

However, an OPT image or a B-scan volume can be encoded in multiple SOP Instances. For example:

  1. All frames of the volume are collected and transmitted in one multi-frame SOP Instance (e.g., one SOP Instance with 30 frames).

  2. Each frame of the volume is transmitted in one SOP Instance where the number of frames is equal to one (e.g., 30 SOP Instances with 1 frame each).

  3. The frames in the volume are transmitted in multiple SOP Instances (e.g., 3 SOP Instances with 10 frames each).

DICOM PS3.3 2024c - Information Object Definitions